Joseph Cattin

Joseph Cattin

Alsace, France

Joseph Cattin

In the late 17th century, François Cattin, born in Porrentruy, Switzerland, came to settle in the small Alsatian village of  France called Voegtlinshoffen, located 10 kilometres south of Colmar.

In 1720, François Cattin decided to become a winemaker in addition to his job as a builder.

Around 1850,  a descendant Antoine CATTIN decided to focus exclusively on the profession of winemaker.

Antoine CATTIN marked the beginning of the winemaking that was carried on by all his descendents.

One of his sons, Joseph took over the family-owned Estate. Joseph Cattin as a brand was born.

Today, 11 Generations later, the Cattin name continues, with more than 60 ha of vineyards.

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