Ten Sisters

Ten Sisters

 Marlborough, New Zealand

Ten Sisters

Robert and Mary King, were both born in Invercargill, the southernmost city in  New Zealand. After Robert returned from World War II, he bought 750 acres of wild, uncultivated land and, over many years, created a beautiful farm.

He and Mary would eventually have 11 children, 10 daughters and only one a son (he probably deserves a medal).

Later in life, they moved to the sunniest part of New Zealand, Marlborough, and planted a vineyard on their land, fulfilling a longtime dream of Mary’s.

The brand Ten Sisters was born and is sourced from the Marlborough subregion called the Southern Valleys, known for its tropical fruit characteristics.

Marlborough, is widely considered the source of the world’s best sauvignon blanc. With abundant sun and cool nights, Marlborough’s temperate, maritime climate gives its wines intensity and character.


~ Our Selection of Wines from Ten Sisters ~

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