Darling Cellars

Darling Cellars

Swartland, South Africa

Darling Cellars

Darling Cellars is situated on the cool west coast of South Africa approximately 1 hour’s drive from Cape Town and 15 kms from the coast line.

The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a variety of different micro-climates which, along with the different soil types, lead to unique grapes which are guided into even more unique wines.

Some 20 shareholders produce grapes from a total of approximately 1300ha. Approximately 95% of all vineyards being un-irrigated (dry land) and roughly the same percentage being bush vines (i.e. not trellised), this is as close as one can get to what nature intended for grapes to be.


~ Our Selection of Wines from Darling Cellars ~

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